We at Alakai Vending are all about choices. We are proud to be able to offer not only healthier alternatives to traditional vending machine products, but also fresh fruit, a variety of yogurts, cheese, and cold ready-to-eat sandwiches. Because all of our snack machines are refrigerated, we are able to offer these highly desirable yet perishable snacks in our equipment. Technology now allows us to protect our customers from buying spoiled products. All of our machines feature health guard technology that has the capability to disable the sale of certain items in the event of a power failure or a refrigeration system malfunction.


Helping Hawaii Eat Better One Wholesome Snack at a Time

A lot of people think of vending as potato chips, chocolate bars, and high fructose corn syrup drinks. It doesn’t have to be that way. Alakai Vending has been working to offer not only healthy but fresh products in our vending machines.