Fast, professional vending machine installation, ensuring seamless functionality and convenience.

Our equipment consists of the latest and most advanced snack, beverage and food vending machines by the leading manufacturers AMS, Crane National Vendors, Dixie Narco and Vendo. Our machines are equipped with the latest guaranteed product delivery systems, and feature energy efficient refrigeration units.

Customized Vending Machines

Each machine has a different product menu based on customers’ requests. A large variety of products are offered and menus are frequently changed so that there is a continuous interest in making spontaneous purchases.

Enhance The Look Of Your Vending Machine

Enhance your vending experience with our personalized customization options. From full to partial wraps, showcase your brand’s logo or convey unique messages. Moreover, we specialize in accommodating niche or unconventional products. Challenge us – we thrive on innovation!

Repair and Service

We provide service and repair to most makes and models of vending machines on the island of Oahu. Specific manufacturers include but not limited to:

  • CRANE-National
  • GPL
  • Automatic Products
  • Vendo
  • Dixie Narco
  • USI
  • AMS


Purchasing / Leasing of Vending Machines

For most business we recommend our full service-vending program where the vending machines are installed, kept stocked with products and maintained at no cost. However, for businesses that are too small for a free program, buying their own products and stocking leased / purchased vending machines themselves is an option.

We provide full technical support and warranty on all the equipment that we sell / lease.


Food And Beverage

We can provide a more comprehensive list upon request. The list below is just a sampling of our most requested products. For your convenience, you can download a product list.